Blog about Invasion Games and the importance of TGfU!!!

Invasion games are game where you have two teams aiming to have the most points by the end of the game. Each team invades their opponent's space, attempting to get the ball off of them. Invasion games include skills such as perception, decision making and action.

TGfU illustrates a student centred approach. Where students actively participate in modified games, where their skills are being practiced, rather than the students lining up for a while, waiting for their turn to practice the skill or drill. This environment opens up a space for the students to actively engage and question, rather than having direct instructions. football.jpg

Invasion games and TGfU not only encourage physical activity, but also intellectual and social learning. As a teacher, in order to have full involvement from all students, I will conduct my games with the game sense environment. Aiming to have all students positively and actively engaged.