Blog about the importance of Drug Education in Primary Schools!!!!

Asthma.jpgReflecting specifically on the tutorial that covered the PDH subject matter of drug education in primary schools. I learnt how important it is for children from an early age, to be able to distinguish and clearly identify legal and illegal drugs.
It is the teachers' responsibility to provide the students with the knowledge of the effects drugs can have on the body and the community, which the individual lives in. Affective labelling on drugs is crucial to student learning. Not only are they expectSmoking.jpged to label illicit drugs, but also drugs which they may encounter in their daily lives; caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and medications for eg.
As a teacher, I will strive to effectively educate my students with the foundational knowledge which PDH subjects provide. Supporting my students to embrace the knowledge and skills they require in order to live and lead happy, healthy lives. Needle.jpg